About Us

The AREM Brand

AREM Snowboard Company is a snowboard company that is based in the Northeastern, United States and crafted in Utah, therefore, making AREM, 100% American made. AREM was founded by self-proclaimed “washed up” ’90′s pro snowboarder, Rick “_R_M” Milewski, with the mission of giving snowboarders the best riding experience while on an AREM board. Snowboarders making snowboards for snowboarders!Random_2

AREM Snowboard Company started out as a dream, a dream that we all had when we first started snowboarding. When we had the opportunity to make some boards, we just had to do it and AREM was born. Since then, we’ve been designing the best snowboards right here in the United States of America.

AREM isn’t trying to sell you a cheap piece of wood covered in marketing trickery, flashy graphics and copied technology, we just make quality snowboards that are built to last. We are one of the last fully independent Snowboard brands in an industry that has been overrun with major corporations looking to make a quick dollar.

We’ve been involved in almost every aspect of snowboarding since 1989. We are the “old school”, the ones that learned to ride on golf courses and backyard sledding hills until the resorts started allowing snowboarders access. We know what it’s like to be hungry and broke, scrounging for gear and lift tickets each season… we still are!

At AREM, it is our mission to help develop great snowboards while supporting professional and amateur snowboarders, so that they can continue to progress our sport the way that we feel it should be.

AREM is the belief of everyone involved, from our Pros to our up and coming Ams and Support Team riders to our very small office crew and our die-hard owner and his fully supportive family. We are, in no way, claiming to take over the industry, however, we are doing our best to keep the industry true to it’s roots.


Our Snowboards

AREM has one focus… SNOWBOARDS!!! Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, that is ALL we think about. Our snowboards represent what we like to ride. They are snowboards that you can ride powder or speed laps or cruiser runs or park laps or wherever else you can imagine. That’s the type of riding that we do, it’s everything, so we need snowboards that can do everything. They also have to look good too, which is why we collaborate with artists and graphic designers to curate what is culturally and graphically relevant.